… conquer the mountains with ease!

E-biking in Kappl

You’re a passionate cyclist but don’t have quite enough stamina to tackle the uphill bits? You’re on a family holiday and would like to explore the mountains of Kappl on two wheels? Two settings, one solution! After all, e-bikes are a great way to tackle even the steepest mountains!

The Paznaun region is known for its vast and attractive possibilities for biking. Plenty of beautiful tours for all skill levels, peppered by cosy mountain huts and impressive mountain peaks. Sounds like every biker’s dream? We dare to say it is!

Read more about the new trend sport and try your hand at e-biking …

The Paznaun

Europe’s highest e-bike destination

Eight tours take you through the breathtaking mountain world of Kappl. Once you’re in the saddle, you won’t want to stop. After all, the unique landscape with snow-covered mountain peaks and blooming meadows and fields is an experience for all senses. The Paznaun is known as Europe’s highest e-bike destination, with numerous one- to four-hour routes leading to the region’s most spectacular vantage points. If your feet start to get tired, simply switch on the electric assist and you’ll conquer even the steepest mountains with ease!

Interesting facts about e-bikes

Many people think that e-bikes or electric bikes are something like a moped: Hop on, switch on the engine and off you go. Well, it’s not quite like that! The motor of the e-bike is only switched on when you push the pedals – with your own muscle power. Switching on the electric assist comes in particularly handy when you’re tackling steep ascents.

What you should know about e-bikes:

  • You can take clean e-bikes of up to 25 kilograms with you on all open cable cars and lifts.
  • Due to their weight, it’s not possible to take e-bikes with you on local buses. 

E-bike rental

conquer the mountains at full speed

There wasn’t enough space in your car to bring your bike? You don’t own an e-bike but would love to try one? Simply rent a state-of-the-art e-bike on your summer holiday in Kappl and ask the local service team for their professional help! 


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