Summer 2021 


Last update 22. June 2021

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to Kappl in Summer 2021.
In accordance with the latest applicable statutory guidelines, we will be starting summer operations in our cable car and sunny Mountain restaurant on 19th June 2021 as planned.


In accordance with, and as a supplement to, the legal provisions currently in force, policymakers in Kappl have worked out a comprehensive package of measures, with the objective being to ensure the health and safety of our guests, staff and the local population.

If we work together, Covid-19 won't stand a chance in Kappl


General information and organisation

  • Notice boards: These show our Covid-19 Compliance guidelines and are at the entrances to our conveyance facilities, in cable car cabins and in our restaurant. 
  • Organised queue areas: As a general rule, minimum distancing is to be maintained in all queuing areas (Austria 1 m). 
  • Trained staff will ensure that the minimum distancing is adhered to and that obligatory masks are worn.
  • Hand hygiene: We have fitted plenty of hand sanitising options for you at our cash-desks and Sunny Mountain Restaurants.

Cable cars

  • 'Rule of 3' Regulations (Proof of low epidemiological risk: tested, vaccinated or recovered).
    Provision of proof is not required for cable car use
     in Austria.
  • In Austria, for conveyance in enclosed cabins and chairlifts which have covers, the number of passengers has been restricted to 75% conveyance capacity. This does not apply when persons from the same household are travelling together.
Diasbahn max. 3 people FFP2-Maske
Alblittbahn max. 3 people FFP2-Maske

In general when capacities have exceeded the permitted levels we will refuse entry. No-one has to board a cable car cabin against their will when there are other people already inside.

  • Journeys in our cable car facilities normally take no longer than 10 minutes.
  • In cable car cabins and chairlifts a FFP2 mask is to be worn. 
  • Disinfection of cable car cabins and chair lifts: The Diasbahn is desinfected on a daily basis. Special mist cleaning units emit a long lasting, mist droplet suspension, this eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and spores are eliminated on treated surfaces within one minute. The active ingredient does not leave any remnants after use, is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, ph-neutral and does not irritate the skin and eyes.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of people.
  • With regard to situational, officially prescribed entry limitations, we do of course adhere to statutory guidelines.

Mountain restaurants

The 'Rule of 3' (tested, vaccinated or recovered) applies for visits to a catering establishment. 

Valid a proof of testing::

  • Digitally registered antigen self test (24 hours)*
  • Antigen self test under supervision in your accommodation (48 hours)
  • Antigen test in a test point in the state of Tirol (48 hours)
  • PCR test (72 hours)

Vaccination means:

  • Anyone who has received their first vaccine and it is day 22 after that first vaccination
  • Anyone who has received two separate vaccination doses and it is day 22 after the full vaccination

Recovery means:

  • Anyone who has recovered from a COVID infection within the previous six months (doctor's or official documentation)
  • Anyone who can provide evidence of having neutralising antibodies (not more than three months previous)



  • Minimum distancing: In the Sunny Mountain restaurants we pay heed to statutory minimum distancing of tables and seating areas. In addition, we have introduced new dividers in seating areas.
  • Limited number of guests: In order to maintain a sufficiently safe level of distancing we will – dependent on capacity – limit access to our catering establishments on the mountain if necessary. 
  • Cleaning: the Kappl mountain railways intensify a large number of cleaning activities in a targeted manner. This applies, for example, to the cleaning and disinfection of the tables in the Sunny Mountain Restaurant as well as to handrails, door handles and sanitary facilities.
  • Guest registration: This summer – as per current legal guidelines – registration will be compulsory. This will speed up so-called contact tracing, that is, tracing of contact persons by the authorities, and will mean that any other persons who may have been infected can be isolated more swiftly, thereby breaking the chain of infection. Data will be deleted within 28 days and will only be used to report a Covid infection incident.


For customer contact staff the following rules apply_

  • Either proof of 'low epidemiological risk' (= 'Rule of 3': proof of a test, vaccination, recovery) and wearing of an FFP2 mask (even outdoors).
  • Standard mouth-nose coverings are optional for staff who provide evidence (even outdoors).
  • Masks: Staff who are in contact with guests (catering, cable car and leisure facilities) are advised to wear a mask.
  • Covid-19 Safety Officer: Persons who have health problems can contact staff at cable car companies at any time. We have several trained Covid-19 safety officers who are also aware of legally prescribed preventions concepts.
  • Präventionskonzepte.


Please always carry a mask (Austria: FFP2) and use it when the prescribed minimum distance to other people cannot be adhered to. 

Wearing a mask is compulsory in these areas:


  • At ticket sales points in cable cars
  • At the entrance area to the Diasbahn and Alblittbahn (please pay attention to the signs) In the station entrance and exit area, and also during the journey on the cable car / chair lift.
  • in the Sunny Mountain Restaurant (at the table itself, it is not necessary to wear an FFP2 mask, or mouth-nose protection)
  • When using the WC facilities
  • In the sports shop
  • In the hiking bus

Exempt from the obligation to wear mouth and nose coverings include children, up to and including the age of six (Austria) and people for whom health reasons mean their wearing is not feasible. Instead of an FFP2 mask, in Austria, children up to the age of 14 may wear a close fitting protective device that covers their mouth and nose area.

Persons, whose health conditions make wearing mouth and nose protection not feasible, will need to present a current medical certificate.

You must bring your own masks (but these may also be purchased on site at cash desks).

Our staff will politely remind you to wear a mask (mouth-nose protection). If you refuse to wear mouth-nose protection, we reserve the right to deny transport via our facilities. Please respect the compulsory wearing of masks so as not to endanger your own safety and the safety of other guests and our staff.

Please maintain sufficient distance from people you do not know. 
Minimum distancing is to be maintained where possible in cable car cabins. In Austria,  the safe minimum distance is 1 m

Please ventilate cable car cabins where necessary during the journey.

Please note the general hygiene regulations and wash your hands regularly. Sanitisers are available in mountain restaurants.

Please do not leave used masks or tissues in cable car cabins, but dispose of them in the proper manner. Bins are available in station areas.

Please follow the recommendations for conduct and the instructions of our staff, in particular in relation to the valid hygiene terms.

Where possible use contactless payment.

If you have symptoms that may indicate a COVID-19 infection (fever, coughing, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, ...), please remain in your accommodation and contact the Reception in your accommodation, or a doctor immediately.

Please be responsible and protect your own health and that of others. Install and activate the updated Kappl APP. You will always receive the latest information.

Bergbahnen Kappl AG