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Jean-Georges Klein (FR)

  • Chef's name: Jean-Georges Klein
  • Restaurant: Villa René Lalique
  • City: Wingen-sur-Moder
  • Country: France
Savoury Alsatian tarte flambée

Jean-Georges Klein is a talented self-taught chef who transformed the hunting lodge left to him by his grandmother Rose and then his mother Lily into a 3-star gourmet landmark. He made the Arnsbourg a temple of gastronomy and the very heart of the Alsace gourmet scene. Jean-Georges Klein was born and grew up in this restaurant and developed his vocation relatively late in life, around the age of 40, when he had to replace his mother as Chef de Cuisine. He expressed his modern concept and passion for cooking through classical foundations, strong discipline and the desire to constantly evolve. He secured his two first stars in just three months. This immediate recognition from the Michelin Guide is a reflection and recognition of the chef’s precision, technique, consistent actions and development.

Light, lively, technical, airy, colourful, delicious… there are not enough adjectives to express the cuisine produced by Jean-Georges Klein. His claim is to produce classical cuisine which he then develops by drawing on modern techniques. However the key aspect for him is first and foremost to offer gourmet indulgence. He is almost apologetic about his fondness for bold combinations and his passion for surprising pairings.

For Jean-Georges Klein, the future is all about creativity and personalising dishes. He is developing a real culinary expertise and at times, revisits traditional dishes from his childhood while also keeping an eye on the future. Adding to the subtle charm of the location, the sophisticated flavour rivals the perfection to detail.

Work experience

  • Since 2015 head chef at Villa Renè Lalique **, Wingen-sur-Moder, FR
  • Restaurant L’Arnsbourg


  • First Michelin star, restaurant L’Arnsbourg, 1988
  • Second Michelin stern, restaurant L’Arnsbourg, 1998
  • Third Michelin stern, restaurant L’Arnsbourg, 2002
  • „Chef de l’année“, Champérard, 2004
  • ‚top chef‘, Schlemmer Atlas
  • Two Michelin stars, Vila Lalique, since 2016