Born to run – through the spectacular landscape of Kappl

Running and Nordic walking in Kappl

Doing sports on your holiday: Some of us love it, some of us hate it. However, if you don’t want to miss out on your favourite pastime while on holiday, Kappl offers plenty of great running routes and Nordic walking trails. Doesn’t this sound tempting? 

Putting on your running shoes in the morning and feeling the asphalt, soft forest ground, gravel or grass beneath your feet – Kappl in the Paznaun region offers plenty of routes for hobby runners, marathon fans and trail runners.

Did you know? The high-altitude location and special geography of the Paznaun region can take a bit of getting used to. However, once you’re acclimatised, you will feel the positive effects on your performance and well-being!

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Paznaun Challenge

Silvrettarun 3000, Ischgl Ironbike, Silvretta-Ferwall-Marsch or E-Bike WM

Route tips: 

mountain run up to Diasalpe

Characteristics & trail conditions
This 11.5-kilometre mountain run boasts an altitude difference of 623 metres. The first part of the run takes you across asphalt, followed by a winding forest trail up to Diasalpe. Marvel at picturesque hamlets and traditional mountain huts along the way and don’t forget to take a break before heading down to Kappl again. Your reward? Some delicious local treats!

Route details
Kappl village square - Diasbach - Hof – forest trail to Dias - Alpengasthof Dias - via Egg

Nordic walking

the gentle alternative to running

Long, regular strides, your shoulders and arms moving in sync with your legs. You breathe in the clean mountain air and enjoy the moderate intensity of the uphill and downhill parts. Originally from the Nordic countries, Nordic walking is becoming increasingly popular across the world. Kappl boasts a number of great Nordic walking trails with spectacular views.

Our tip: It doesn’t matter how old or how fit you are – Kappl has the perfect route for all skill levels. Your reward? An extra dose of fresh, clean Tyrolean mountain air!

Three good reasons 

to go running on your holiday

Everybody knows that exercise is good for your body and your cardiovascular system. What’s more, running keeps you fit, helps you lose weight and is a great way to connect with other people. So why not also do a run on your holiday? You wouldn’t believe how good it feels to conquer your weaker self and put on your running shoes! Just think about the following …  

  1. Running is simple: Everybody can do it and you don’t need any prior coaching. What’s more, there’s only a minimum of equipment involved – the perfect sport for leisure athletes!
  2. Running connects you with like-minded people: Grab your partner or entire family and do a short morning run together. There’s no better way to spend time with your loved ones – and everybody knows it’s easier to run in a group!
  3. Running helps you to lose weight: What could be more motivating to get up for a run in the morning than a delicious breakfast afterwards? And don’t forget: Even after only a short run, it’s okay to eat a bit more without having to worry about your weight!