Off-piste freedom

Freeriding Kappl – deep-snow adventures

White powder as far as the eye can see. Snow-covered spruces and larches all around you. You’re standing at the top with your skis, helmet and goggles on, all ready for the adventure ahead. The virgin snow beneath you gives you an enormous rush of freedom, happiness and adrenaline. You can’t wait to leave your tracks in the untouched snow and dive right into the powder. That’s freeriding at its finest!

Away from the groomed slopes, the small, family-friendly ski resort of Kappl is a real powder paradise. Skiers and snowboarders love the region’s countless backcountry descents and unrivalled mountain views. Most freeride descents can be reached from the mountain stations of the Alblittkopf and Alblitt cable cars. Feel your heartbeat quicken and dive into your unspoiled nature experience!

Freeride area Kappl on the Snowhow Map

Freeride Checkpoint: 

Safety first!

The first tingles start when you hop onto the chairlift towards Alblittkopf. Getting off at 2,690 metres above sea level, you can’t wait one minute longer to dive into your powder adventure. We know the feeling – but hold on for just another second! After all, the high-alpine terrain is full of potential dangers and safety always comes first!

Good to know: If you’re going off-piste, you are skiing at your own risk. If you’re a thrill seeker, it might be a good idea to take out insurance.

For your safety, Kappl has a special Freeride Checkpoint. Simply ask the staff at the mountain station of Diasbahn cable care for the location of the freeride noticeboard with up-to-the-minute avalanche warnings, snow depths and temperatures. There is also a functionality check for avalanche transceivers at the LVS Checkpoint. Better safe than sorry! 

Practice makes perfect:

Freeride lessons for beginners and advanced riders

You’re a freeride beginner about to head into your first powder adventure? Then it’s a great idea to drop by at one of Kappl’s ski schools. The professional guides there can show you the basics of freeriding and tell you all about the dangers of high alpine terrain. Equipped with avalanche transceivers, skiers and snowboarders learn all about the right technique, the dangers of avalanches and the use of search devices. The perfect way to prepare for your backcountry adventure! 

Open Faces Kappl

the who’s who of freeriding

The notorious 2,800-metre Quellspitze puts any freerider to the test. During the Open Faces Freeride Series, which has been taking place in Kappl every year since 2013, the pros tackle this challenging peak with their best tricks and lines, all in front of an expert jury.

The perfect place to cheer on the freeride pros is the public area near Slope No 8 and the Kanonenabfahrt run. Watch the race on big screens accompanied by live commentary and good music. The contest is part of the Kappl Freeride Days, offering you an exciting programme full of workshops, technique courses, speeches and more.

In addition, the Freeride Junior World Championships are the perfect stage for all freeriders under the age of 18 to show off their skills. Join the fun and wow the crowd!

You can’t wait to feel the powder beneath your skis?

Book your next winter holiday in Kappl and experience freeride paradise!

Powder paradise