Mountain rescue service, slope rules and emergency numbers

Slope FAQ – everything you need for a safe day of skiing

What an incredible day – that’s what we want you to say after a day on our slopes! However, to ensure an unforgettable experience, it’s important to stick to certain slope rules.
For instance, it’s important to look out for other skiers as well as snow grooming vehicles.

In case of emergency, contact one of the following numbers:

  • Mountain rescue service: +43 5445 6251-35
  • Cable car management: +43 5445 6251-0
  • Police: +43 59 133 7143

To avoid potentially high rescue costs, it’s a good idea to take out insurance before your ski holiday. For more detailed information, check out the website of the Tyrol Mountain Rescue Services.

The first to know about avalanche warnings

Safety first – especially if you love off-piste riding and the backcountry! Please remember that only marked and open slopes are supervised by the cable car management and rescue services, making it all the more important to check avalanche warnings as well as snow and weather reports before you go off-piste!

Slope rules: The ABC of mountain fun

No matter if you’re driving a car or skiing – in both cases it’s important to stick to certain regulations to ensure smooth and safe traffic. In case of skiing, please remember the following code of conduct for winter sports athletes:

The FIS slope rules in a nutshell:

  • Respect others: In the mountains and on the slopes it’s particularly important to watch out for other skiers, for your own safety and that of others.
  • Adjust your speed and technique: Always ride with maximum attention, ready to stop at any moment. Adjust your speed and technique to the difficulty of the terrain as well as to the prevailing snow and weather conditions and number of skiers on the slope.
  • Choose the right path: Winter sports athletes skiing behind someone have to choose their path in a way that will not endanger any skiers ahead of them.
  • Be careful when overtaking: From behind or below, from right or left – overtaking is allowed on the slopes. However, please leave enough distance between yourself and other skiers!
  • Joining and starting: No matter if you’re starting off or pulling out of a slope – always make sure that you’re not putting any other skiers in danger.
  • Stopping on the slope: Avoid stopping at narrow sections or blind spots of a slope unless you really have to. In case of an injury, vacate the spot as soon as possible.
  • Observe the signs: Pay attention to the signs and markings on the slope. 
  • Offering assistance: You are obliged by law to offer assistance in the event of an accident. 
  • Duty to identify yourself: In the event of an accident you are obliged to give your personal details, whether you caused or witnessed the accident.