Winter season 2021/22 - Skiing area Kappl

COVID-19 Compliance

Information as at: 24. November 2021

This page is regularly updated

We are delighted to be able to welcome you once again from 17th December 2021 to enjoy skiing and snowboarding our ski area in Kappl.


Experience gleaned from our health and safety measures in summer has shown that they are 'fit for purpose' and at the same time allow everyone to enjoy as unrestricted a holiday adventure as possible.
We all bear responsibility to ensure our conduct with one another is safe and appropriate. If we keep to a few rules, nothing will stand in the way of an unforgettable and, above all, safe skiing and holiday experience.

In compliance with, and supplementary to, the legal provisions currently in force, policymakers in Ischgl and Samnaun have worked out a comprehensive package of measures, with the aim being to ensure the health and safety of our guests, employees and the local community.

To visit the ski area Kappl, in addition to your ski ticket, you will require a valid 2G certification (vaccinated or recovered).


When buying a ticket, your 2G-status (GreenCheck) will be verified at the cable car cash desk or reception (OPOS-hotel sales outlet).

Individuals who have 2G-proof (vaccinated or recovered) can buy any ski ticket.

To individuals who do not have 2G-status and are thus neither vaccinated nor recovered, it is currently not permitted to give transportation tickets.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the requirement to produce proof of a low epidemiological risk (no 2G- or 3G-proof required).

For children of age 12 -15 who are required to attend school in Austria, the Corona-Testpass („Ninja-Pass“) is accepted as 2G-proof.

The requirement to show 2G-proof does not apply to individuals who cannot be vaccinated without risk to their life or health. In such cases a relevant doctor's note as well as proof from a competent authority of a negative result from a moleculobiological test for SARS-CoV-2, taken within the last 72 hours, must be shown. 


With the introduction of the 2G-rule in Austria, the requirement to wear an FFP2-protective mask no longer applies.

Our recommendation: in closed cable cars (cabin lifts) as well as in the ticket sales points, please always wearing FFP2-mask or at least a face covering (FC)


2G - rule

FFP2 mask

ticket sales point Valley Station Dias cable car

ticket sales point Kappl Dorf

ticket sales point Kappl Dorf 
Skipass ventor

Cable cars and covered areas
Dias cable car valley station

Chairlifts with hood cover

Chairlifts without hood cover
Doppelsessellift Gongall
T-bar lifts/conveyor belts x

Masks (FFP2 or FC) are available for purchase at our ski pass sales outlets.

We kindly request you to keep your 2G-proof handy for the duration of your stay in the ski area, in case of any checks.



2G - rule

FFP2 mask

Sunny Mountain Restaurants
Ski area Kappl

In restaurant areas in the ski area of Kappl (Sunny Mountain Restaurant, Tiroler Hütte, Almstüberl, Bockalm, Alpengasthof Dias, Huisleralm) we also have to take your contact details for any contact tracing by the health authorities.

For this purpose, registration options are available via a QR code. As a general rule, your details will be deleted after 28 days



2G - rule

FFP2 mask

Skibus x




Please download the free App - for iPhone and Android – to your Smartphone. Our App provides lots of useful functions/information for your holiday.

Provide information regarding our Covid-19 Compliance Guidelines at entrances to conveyance facilities, in cable car cabins, restaurants, sports shops and ski storage areas. We also provide regular information, in multiple languages, by way of relevant announcements in the entrance areas for the feeder cable cars and at ticket sales points.

We have installed hand sanitising facilities at our cable car area for you.

  • Disinfection of cable car cabins: All cable car cabins are disinfected several times. To do this we use special cold mist devices which provide a droplet mist that is long-lasting and is suspended in the air. Within one minute, 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and spores are eliminated from treated surfaces. The active ingredient does not leave behind any residue after use, is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, ph-neutral and kind to the skin and eyes.
  • Surface/ indoor air disinfection measures: In ski buses and in sports shops and ski stores, First Aid Station in the ski area, and also in our WC facilities and lift cabins, surface disinfection measures are carried out daily.
  • In the majority of seating areas, we have set up new partitions and we have renewed the hygiene measures in the Free-Flow-areas.
  • Music performances in the restaurants and bars at the cable cars will be solely in the form of ambient music.
  • Our toboggan evenings will also take place under strict adherence to the relevant safety measures.
  • Cleaning: Skiarea Kappl is specifically stepping up the number of cleaning measures. This applies for instance to the cleaning and disinfection of tables/bar areas in mountain restaurants and of hand rails, door handles and sanitary facilities. We have also reduced the intervals between filter cleaning for ventilation systems.
  • We have devised comprehensive Covid prevention concepts in our cable car facilities and restaurants.
  • Corona safety officer: People who have health complaints can get in touch with officials from the cable car companies at any time. We have several qualified Corona safety officers.

What you can do to ensure safe social interaction and thus protect your fellow skiers:

Please ventilate the cable car cabins during the trip if necessary.
Observe the general hygiene rules and wash your hands regularly. In the cable car station and the mountain restaurants, disinfectant dispensers are available for you.
Please do not leave behind your used protective mask or handkerchiefs in the cable car cabins, but instead dispose of these probably. Garbage bins can be found in the station areas.
Please follow the conduct recommendations and instructions from our staff on duty, in particular also those with regard to the applicable hygiene regulations.
If possible, use contactless payment methods.
If you are showing any symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, ...), please remain in your accommodation and immediately contact the reception of your accommodation provider or a doctor.
Please practice personal responsibility and thus protect your health and that of those around you. Install and activate the new Kappl App and thus help to optimise “contact tracing”. This ensures you will always receive the latest information.


Our please to you

Respect our health/hygiene compliance, enjoy your skiing day and have a great time.

We continuously evaluate the situation and adapt our Covid-19 Compliance with regard to any changes in legal or official requirements.

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