Paznaun Challenge

  1. The ‘Paznaun Challenge’ has been developed to allow you to complete selected sections of the ‘Silvrettarun 3000’, ‘Ischgl Ironbike’, ‘Silvretta-Ferwall-March’ and ‘E-Bike World Championships for Everyone’ independently and taking your own responsibility. Participation via the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app is not an event in itself and will not be hosted as such. However, there is the opportunity to win prizes by participating.
  2. Age of participants: essentially, participants of any age can download the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app and install and use it on their smartphone or other end device. To be included in the rankings and receive any potential prizes, participants must be aged 18 or over. 
  3. All participants accept that the activity comes with an element of risk and the Paznaun – Ischgl tourist board cannot guarantee anyone’s complete safety.
  4. Involvement in the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app challenge is at the participant’s own risk. The participant agrees to accept this level of risk and waives the right to claim any compensation from the Paznaun – Ischgl tourist board in the event of sustaining any damage or injury.
  5. Please note that the start and finish area as well as the length of the route do not include any cordons, barriers, route posts, safety posts or any other provisions to protect against third-party or other hazards.
  6. The selected routes are signposted and can be completed at your discretion. Signposts serve only to indicate the route and are in no way indicative of any cordons or protection from danger etc.
  7. Risks presented by third parties or any other hazards may appear or suddenly present themselves in the start or finish area as well as along the route itself. It is particularly important to look out for dangers along the routes (e.g. fences; grazing animals; farm work; other participants; other users of the routes; all kinds of vehicles etc.) Dangers may also result directly or indirectly from force majeure. This includes toppled trees, rockfalls, debris flow, flooding etc. The Paznaun – Ischgl tourist board shall be indemnified and held harmless against any liability relating to such dangers or any damages arising from such dangers.
  8. When it comes to using (or even just crossing) main roads, local roads or any other roads (e.g. forest roads), the Road Traffic Act (StVo) applies.
  9. The participant confirms that he/she has taken out appropriate personal liability insurance and personal private accident insurance to cover participation. He/she agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Paznaun – Ischgl tourist board against any liability relating to damage resulting from his/her participation.
  10. The participant agrees that his/her personal and address details and results may be digitally stored and processed for the purposes of processing and implementation. In particular by our partner, Intermaps. Here you can find the declaration of data protection from Intermaps: https://www.intermaps.com/de/Privacy.html
  11. The processing of the data specified in point 10 is carried out exclusively by the Paznaun – Ischgl tourist board and its partner, Intermaps. Details are not passed on to third parties.
  12. The participant agrees that his/her name, year of birth, place of residence, nation and other data relating to the rankings list can be published in the results list in the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app.
  13. The participant agrees that important information may be sent to him/her as part of the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app.
  14. The participant has the right to withdraw consent to his/her personal details being processed in the future. This withdrawal of consent must be made in writing (e.g. letter) or text form (e.g. fax or email). Please specify your surname, first name and address when you submit this consent withdrawal. We agree to remove any personal details published on the internet or social media on all websites we have access to without delay, following receipt of your consent withdrawal. For technical reasons, complete deletion of the published details cannot be guaranteed.
  15. By registering with the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app, the participant confirms the accuracy of the details provided.
  16. The detailed prizes cannot be redeemed for cash, exchanged or passed on to a third party. The judges’ decision is final.
  17. In the event of any damage caused directly or indirectly to a smartphone or other end device as a result of using the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app, the Paznaun – Ischgl tourist board is indemnified and held harmless against any liability.
  18. All of the aforementioned points also apply to the Ski Club Silvretta Galtür (as organiser of the Silvretta-Ferwall-March) and the company Intermaps as developer of the ‘Paznaun Challenge’ app.

With sporting greetings,
Paznaun – Ischgl tourist board