Niederelbehütte Niederelbehütte

Lake at Niederelbe hut

Perched high above the valley at 2,310 metres above sea level, you can find Niederelbe mountain hut. Up there, it almost seems like a different world. Far away from the hustle and bustle and surrounded by the most prestigious summits of the Verwall mountain range, you can experience nature in the purest way. Enjoy glorious panoramic views, murmuring mountain streams and picturesque little Lake Seß-See.  

Our tip: A hike up to Niederelbe hut is also a highlight for foodies. After all, the mountain hut regularly features on the “Culinary Way of St. James”, turning it into a temporary hotspot of international haute cuisine.

How to get to the lake at Niederelbe hut:

  • At Diasbahn mountain station, follow the footpath towards Sunny Mountain Adventure Park.
  • Continue along the forest trail to Seßladalpe No. 5.
  • Continue along Seßladtal valley until you reach the lake at Niederelbe hut.
  • Our tip for a break: Niederelbe hut