18/01/2023 / Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl, See

An event for everyone - The E-Bike World Championships for Everyone 2023

World championship titles up for grabs

When the E-Bike World Championship for EVERYONE takes place in Ischgl from 31 August to 2 September 2023, a world championship title for professional athletes and occasional cyclists from the age of ten will be within reach. It is a game where everyone has the chance to win. The rules of the world's biggest E-Bike race are simple: "While the fastest biker is crowned world champion in the 'ELITE' category, participants in the 'EVERYONE' category compete against three riding time limits (gold, silver, and bronze). If they fall below one of the three defined limits, the e-bikers will receive an official EVERYMAN World Championship gold, silver or bronze medal," explains Dr Markus Mitterdorfer (E-Bike World Federation). Whoever falls short of the gold limit may call themselves world champions. The most outstanding performers in each age group will be recognized according to gender and classification class. In addition, the medal awarded in the class 'EVERYONE' or the placing in the class 'ELITE'.

What innovations will there be?

The popular Ischgl Ironbike Fox Hunt Challenge will take place this year as part of the E-Bike World Championships for EVERYONE on Thursday, 31 August 2023. What is it all about? E-bikers try to overtake two "foxes" on the Upbill course towards Idalp. The foxes are on the road with a lead run and without electricity - the participants will follow a little later with Storm. In two starting blocks, the aim is to catch up to one female and one male fox - the foxes are still a secret.

The highlight of the weekend will be the race to the E-Bike World Championship for EVERYONE taking place on two different courses on Saturday, 02 September. The world championship route for the "EVERYONE" classification class is the longest in length with a distance of 27.1 km containing 790 metres of altitude difference over wide paths with spectacular views and impressive mountain scenery, where you can easily reach the World Championship medal.

An enhancement from 2023 is that there will be a few obstacles along the route in the EVERYONE class, where skill on the E-Bike is required. But there is no need to worry: anyone who does not want to ride the obstacles can instead comfortably ride around the obstacle via an extended path. Participants in the "ELITE" classification class will be asked to do their best on a 37.1-kilometre-long technically demanding course over 1,250 metres in altitude, which has been newly extended, with steep climbs and spectacular single trails. Just like in the EVERYONE class, there are also obstacles in the elite class, which will offer an additional challenge. On the day before the race (01.09.) there will be open qualifying on a shortened course for the first time for participants in the "ELITE" class. As a result of participating in qualifying, the fastest times will determine the starting order. This allows starters to secure a preferred starting place in the race. Participation in qualifying is not compulsory, but if you do not take part in qualifying, you will automatically be placed at the back of the starting order. Also introduced in both classification classes is the team classification. A team must consist of at least four people to be classified. There is no upper limit to the number of people in a team. The average time of the fastest three riders in a team will be evaluated and the fastest team will also be awarded a prize. The following applies to e-bikes: All commercially available e-mountain bikes (pedelecs) with pedal assistance of up to 25 km/h, a maximum motorisation of 250 watts and a maximum battery power of 800 watts are permitted to take part in the race. A bike check before the start is mandatory. Those who do not have their own E-Bike can rent one on site for a fee. It is also possible to book a rental E-Bike for two days. Registration is now possible online at http://www.ebikewm.com.

Colourful supporting programme

There is an exciting supporting program for visitors, spectators, and competitors at the E-Bike World Championships for EVERYONE in Ischgl. Among other things, there will be a large E-Bike EXPO to discover, live bands to enjoy and trick bike artists to admire. There will also be another side event on Thursday (31.08.): the fox hunt. All information on the programme, routes, prices, and registration: http://www.ebikewm.com.

Quick registration pays off

Those who make up their minds quickly can save real money at the E-Bike World Championships for EVERYONE: If you register by 29 April 2023, participation costs 59 euros without a rental E-Bike and 108 euros with a rental E-Bike. E-Bike rentals can also be booked for two days. Those who register by 25 August 2023 will pay 69 euros. From 26 August, 79 euros will be due. Limited starting places - confirmation of the starting place based on "first come, first served" for the EVERYONE route. For the ELITE route, the starting position will be determined by the qualifying on 1 September 2023.