02/05/2013 / Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl, See


Four hikes, four huts, four starred chefs: In the Paznaun valley, many paths lead to culinary bliss. On 7 July 2013, the bell will sound on the Jamtal hut for the "Culinary St. James Trail", which allows hikers to explore the nature of the Paznaun and its regional cuisine. Under the patronage of Eckart Witzigmann, four international starred chefs will come to the highlands to create exclusive dishes from regional produce

Four starred chefs from four countries, a chef of the century as patron and four alpine huts in the Paznaun promise a summer of true indulgence. The fifth "Culinary St. James Trail 2013" promotes sustainable tourism and shows that a rustic alpine experience and fine food do not contradict each other. From 7 July to 21 September 2013, hikers, mountain bikers and gourmets will experience a unique combination of pleasures. Under the patronage of chef of the century Eckart Witzigmann and the coordination of local hero Martin Sieberer from Hotel Trofana Royal in Ischgl, four international starred chefs will create dishes from regional produce. They will make an Alpine Association Hut their own and create a dish for the summer menu. On four different hikes, starting in Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl and See, holidaymakers can enjoy the created menus in a rustic hut ambiance. The tours lead to the Jamtal hut, Ascher hit, Heidelberger hut and Niederelbe hut. The squad of starred chefs this summer will feature Otto Koch (Restaurant 181, Munich, Germany), Kristof Coppens (Restaurant Apriori, Haaltert, Belgium), Rik Jansma (Restaurant Basiliek, Harderwijk, Netherlands) and Gian Paolo Raschi (Restaurant Guido, Rimini, Italy).

Kick-off on the Jamtal hut – Alpine summer with guided hikes
At the kick-off event on 7 July 2013, the starred chefs will present their specially created dishes on the Jamtal hut. Before the high-profile chefs return to their own kitchens, they will instruct the hut landlords in how to prepare the dishes they created. The dishes will then be incorporated into the menus for the entire summer. For guests, the tourism association will offer culinary hikes, recipes by the chefs to take home and delightful tastings all through the alpine summer. These relishable events suit every wallet and even hikers who are not in top shape.

A day with starred chefs - By the mountain and in the hut
At the exclusive kick-off event for the "Culinary St. James Trail", holidaymakers will meet their cooking idols in Paznaun on Sunday 7 July in a private and relaxed atmosphere. Together with the four international kitchen artists, nature lovers, hiking fans and gourmets will embark collectively at 9:30 on the relishable tour to the culinary venue: Having arrived at the Jamtal hut, guests can relax while the starred chefs will switch their hiking shirts for a chef's jacket. The show cooking will feature exciting interludes, reinterpretations of regional specialities and animating conversation about the ideas and products.
The best: even after the starred chefs have returned, the "highlight-dish"" will remain on the menu of the day, offering hikers and bikers the chance to discover the four huts of the Culinary St. James Trail and their menus on enjoyable day trips all summer long.

This is what summer tastes like: from venison goulash to Paznaun lamb
The stars of the cooking scene have already given us a foretaste of the culinary summer and revealed what will be on the hiking and biking menu for 2013: German starred chef Otto Koch will conjure up a venison goulash with bread-mushroom-soufflé on the Ascher hut in See. On the Heidelberger hut in Ischgl, Italian Gian Paolo Raschi is sure to delight with his interpretation of regional cooking. Here gusts can enjoy ravioli with porcini and ricotta in Parmesan fondue, dark fond, flavoured with pine buds and regional alpine herbs. Dutch starred chef Rik Jansma will serve up Paznaun lamb with apple-garlic purée and broad beans on the Jamtal hut in Galtür. Guests to the Niederelbe hut can sample Belgian cuisine with regional produce, created by Kristof Coppens. Here lacquered pork belly with onions - goat cheese - tomato-crispy-mustard seed is on the hiking menu.

Indulgence package "Culinary St. James Trail" from 159 Euro
During the Paznaun alpine summer from 7 July to 22 September 2013, the four gourmet hikes can also be booked all-inclusive: Three nights’ accommodation in a category of your choice with half board, including four individual hikes to the participating Alpine Association huts with a night's stay in the hut and all goods and services provided by the Silvretta Card All Inclusive cost from 159 Euro per person. Bookings of indulgence packages at the Tourism Association Paznaun – Ischgl, Tel. +43 (0)50990 701 and Fax +43 (0)50990 199 or by email: incoming@paznaun-ischgl.com.

Further information about the chefs, tours and dishes can be found at www.kulinarischerjakobsweg.paznaun-ischgl.com or www.paznaun-ischgl.com.