07/04/2014 / Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl, See

From the award-winning kitchen up to the alpine chalet

From the award-winning kitchen up to the alpine chalet

In Paznaun in Tirol, the "Culinary St. James Trail" will begin on 6 July 2014. On 6 July 2014, Paznaun will see the opening of the “Culinary St. James Trail“ under the patronage of "Chef of the Century"' Eckart Witzigmann. On four different routes of enjoyment, holidaymakers can relish the nature of Paznaun and dishes from regional produce – created by four international executive chefs from Italy, England, Belgium and Germany. The pro-chefs will assume sponsorship this summer for the Jamtalhütte Alpine Chalet (Galtür), the Heidelberger Hütte Alpine Chalet (Ischgl), the Niederelbe Hütte Alpine Chalet (Kappl) and the Ascherhütte Alpine Chalet (See).  
Russell Brown, Executive Chef of the restaurant “Sienna“, represents England and assumes sponsorship for the Jamtalhütte Alpine Chalet.
The dishes will be on the summer menu of all chalets until 21 September. On 6 July, the opening day, the four executive chefs will hike up to the Heidelberger Hütte Alpine Chalet together with the holidaymakers, where they will prepare and present their recipes to all guests.  

Hiking and cooking with the starred chefs on 6 July 2014
At 09:30 on the opening day, the hike to the Heidelberger Hütte Alpine Chalet sets off. While cooking in the alpine chalet, all starred chefs will let the landlords in on their recipes and serve guests the four newly interpreted dishes based on regional specialities. All dishes can be savoured at the opening ceremony on 6 July at the Heidelberger Hütte Alpine Chalet at a price of € 15 in total. Hobby chefs can look over the shoulders of the pros when they're cooking. The cooking instructions are available to take home at the chalets. Hometown boy Martin Sieberer is in charge of coordinating the starred chefs and their dishes. The executive chef of the 5-star Superior-Hotel "Trofana Royal" in Ischgl is a starred chef himself and has won several awards.  

Heidelberger Hütte Alpine Chalet: Alfio Ghezzi
The executive chef of the "Locanda Margon" restaurant in Trento, Italy – restaurant of the Ferrari wine cellars – has come up with a recipe with Italian charm for his adopted alpine chalet. Alfio Ghezzi will be serving tagliatelle with veal stew and parmesan sauce, Ferrari Maximum Brut and coffee powder in Ischgl.  

Jamtalhütte Alpine Chalet: Russell Brown
Simple yet refined are the dishes created for the Jamtalhütte Alpine Chalet in Galtür: Cheek of beef braised in beer and onions with whipped potatoes and onions four ways – pickled shallot rings, fried onions, spring onion and sweet onion purée. Executive chef Russell Brown emphasises regional produce and simple dishes. His restaurant "Sienna" is a little converted chocolate shop on the south coast of England, in Dorset.  

Niederelbe Hütte Alpine Chalet: Giovani Oosters
In Kappl the sponsor of the Niederelbe Hütte Alpine Chalet puts spelt risotto with Paznaun alpine cheese, air-dried bacon, fresh regional herbs with red beet carpaccio in cherry beer by Wilderen, mustard powder from Kempen (Limburg) and honey from Ischgl on the menu. In his restaurant "VousLéVous" in Hasselt, Belgium, Giovani Oosterss prefers cooking with seasonal produce and herbs from his own herb garden and edible flowers.

Ascherhütte Alpine Chalet: Dieter Müller
Dieter Müller normally cooks at sea, in his restaurant "Dieter Müller" on the MS Europa cruise ship. For the Culinary St. James Trail, the German chef is fittingly sponsor in the holiday region See. On the Ascherhütte Alpine Chalet, fried fillet of char on a salad-herb topping with mashed potatoes, a horseradish-mustard sauce and red beet confit is served.

"Culinary St. James Trail" in summer 2014
During the Paznaun alpine summer from 6 July to 21 September 2014, the four gourmet chalets can be visited individually by hiking. Three nights in a category of your choice including all services of the "Silvretta Card all inclusive" can be had from 75 Euro per person incl. breakfast. Bookable online at www.paznaun-ischgl.com
More information about the chefs and tours as well as free download of dishes at www.kulinarischerjakobsweg.paznaun-ischgl.com or www.paznaun-ischgl.com.