Sights in Kappl

Things to see in Tyrol

In addition to its unique location in the impressive mountainscape, the Tyrolean town of Kappl also provides a variety of places of interest to go and visit.


Places of interest around Kappl in Tyrol

First-rate leisure activities, lots of traditional events, sporting events and interesting places to visit – are what make a holiday in Kappl in Tyrol. On no account should holidaymakers miss out on seeing the chapels; after all it was the wealth of romantic chapels which also gave the town its name. Kappl was first mentioned in documents in Latin as ‘Ad Capellam’. The resultant coat of arms also shows a black-silver chapel on a black background. The deep religious faith exhibited by the people also meant that a lot of places of worship emerged in Kappl in the Paznaun region. As well as Kerker chapel, Rotweg chapel and also Ruhestein chapel were among the most well-known sacred buildings in Kappl. Yet Kappl is also known and loved for its various hamlets. Some 90 hamlets in the middle of the impressive Tyrolean mountains characterise what the town looks and feels like.
Probably the best known son of this Tyrolean town is the late Baroque sculptor from the Paznaun region – Johann Ladner. No other artist shaped the town so much.