A look back in time

The history of the cable cars of Kappl

50 years of excellence
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Since 1970

The history of the cable car company

Traditional cable car operator

The cable cars of Kappl can look back on an impressive history. Since the company’s founding back in 1970, one single ski lift has grown into an entire ski resort which now is one of the winter sports highlights of the Paznaun valley.

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Early days

The origins of Kappl’s cable cars

How it all began …

7 May 1970 marked the birth of “Kappl-Dias-Schiliftgesellschaft”. 71 parties showed up for the founding assembly of the ambitious winter sports company, among them representatives from the local authorities and tourist association as well as 60 private shareholders.

Josef Wechner and Jakob Rudigier were named Managing Directors. The company’s share capital was 3,349,000 Austrian Schilling, or 243,400 Euros.

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The cable cars of today

Expansion and growth

Following the successful start of Dias chairlift, Kappl’s winter sports scene kept on thriving. Today, around 50 years after its foundation, the ski resort boasts ten cable cars, lifts and conveyor belts . This development is proof of our continuous efforts to turn our vision into reality: providing guests with top-class skiing and hiking experiences in the mountains of the Paznaun valley.

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Snow pioneers

first cable cars in Kappl

1970 to 1980

After the building permit was issued by the provincial government on 2 July 1970, the ambitious construction project was gradually turned into reality.




Construction and first operation of Dias chairlift and Mardinalift

Purchase of snow-grooming machines


Construction and first operation of Hirschenbadlift and Schönebelelift


Slope expansion works and purchase of new snow-grooming machines


First operation of Alblitt chairlift and Alblitt drag lift


Expansion of Alblitt drag lift up to 2,690 m Alblittkopf

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To the top

1979 & 1980: Successful years for the cable cars of Kappl

Did you know …

… that the 1979/80 season was the first time that one million winter sports enthusiasts were transported by Wintersport Kappl GmbH & Co KG, as it was called back then?

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Cable car evolution

Other milestones in the history of the cable cars of Kappl

From 1986 to today




Replacement of Dias chairlift with a 4-seater monocable gondola lift


Construction of Gongall two-seater chairlift (for 26 million Schilling, or 1,880,000 Euros)



First use of snow cannons before the snow-making system was continuously expanded and improved


Introduction of the ski area season tickets  4+2


Construction of the 4-seater Alblitt chairlift


Various slope improvements


New design for the building of the valley station; slope improvements on the valley run


Construction of the 4-seater Alblittkopf chairlift; construction of the pedestrian underpass at the valley run


Implementation of a snow-making system at the valley run


Construction of Sunny Mountain Adventure Park , the snow-making system and the floodlit natural toboggan run


2004/2005    Expansion of “Sunny Mountain” restaurant with a self-service restaurant (“Almstüberl ”) and “Panoramabar ”


2005/2006    Opening of slope No. 10 “Almstüberlabfahrt”


First operation of  Alblittbahn cable car during summer and implementation of the Sunny Mountain Card


Expansion of the snow-making system at Alblittkopf (2,690 m); construction of the pressure-boosting station and the Snowboard Funpark in Alblitt 


Nighttime tobogganing  from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm; expansion of the children’s area towards the nearby reservoir with 2 new magic carpets and a children’s slope; construction of the “Flaxiabfahrt” run; expansion of parking facilities; expansion of the snow-making system; membership of the “Freizeitticket Tirol ”


Construction of the Alpine herb and stone garden, the themed Dias circular hiking trail and the petting zoo 


2009/2010    Replacement of “Hirschenbad” practice lift with a new 200-metre covered conveyor belt; membership of “Tirol Snow Card ”; expansion of Sunny Mountain Restaurant with 200 additional seats; construction of a professional funpark in the Alblitt area; expansion of the snow-making facilities at the race track  and the funpark

Summer 2010

Construction of Flaxi-Dorf at Silbersee


Implementation of the new information channel with 3 broadcasters; free wifi in all Sunny Mountain restaurants; implementation of the panoramic camera at Alblittkopf; award for excellent slope quality 


Construction of the permanent Zibob®track  with Austria’s longest, covered conveyor belt; implementation of the panoramic camera at 
Alblitt; construction of the ski bus terminal at the valley station of Diasbahn cable car; construction of a new conveyor belt at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park

Summer 2013

Renovation of “Alte Diasalpe” and opening of Almmuseum; slope improvements at the valley run; implementation of a summer panoramic camera at the Adventure Park; establishment of the summer card “Silvretta Card all inclusive” 

Winter 2013/14

Construction of the Freeride  Checkpoint; 3 new ski routes

Summer 2014

Expansion of the kiosk at the Adventure Park, new sun terrace at the kiosk

Winter 2014/15

Snow-making and slope improvements at Lattenabfahrt  run; purchase of new snow cannons 

Summer 2015

Expansion of the Adventure Park with a low-rope course

Winter 2015/16

Implementation of snow-making facilities at the toboggan run; purchase of a new snow-grooming machine

Summer 2016

Expansion of the summer restaurants at the Adventure Park; expansion of the Adventure Park itself; construction of the disc golf course

Winter 2016/17

Winter 2016/17    Expansion of Flaxiabfahrt run at the Adventure Park