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Cable cars and lifts at Kappl & See Ski Area

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10 cable cars and lifts at your service

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Are you looking forward to breathing in the crisp mountain air of Kappl & See? A total of 21 cable cars, lifts and conveyor belts take guests up to the region’s most beautiful summits. In addition to amazing views, all of them boast short transport times and impressive altitude differences.

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The following cable cars, lifts and conveyor belts are at your service at the Kappl Ski Area:

lift valley station mountain station length travel time capacity
Dias-cable car 1.175m 1.830m 1.488m 9 Min. 1.600
4er-chairlift Alblittkopfbahn 2.135m 2.640m 1.657m 8 Min. 2.200
4er-chairlift Alblittbahn 1.823m 2.300m 1.308m 7 Min. 2.200
2er-chairlift Gongallbahn 1.706m 2.306m 1.533m 12 Min. 1.400
Mardinalift 1.825m 2.130m 1.035m 8 Min. 1.000
Alblittlift 2.200m 2.412m 653m 4 Min. 1.320
Förderband Flaxi I with gallery 200m 1.810m 1.850m 200m 5 Min. 900
Förderband Flaxi II 90m 1.838m 1.850m 90m 2,5 Min. 900
Förderband Flaxi III with gallery 100m 1.850m 1.896m 100m 2,5 Min. 900
Förderband Flaxi IV with gallery 24m 1.871m 1.874m 24m 0,5 Min. 900
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