The safest and most comfortable way to get up the mountain

Cable cars and lifts in Kappl

You can’t wait to explore Kappl’s summit crosses and snow-capped peaks? Simply hop on one of the region’s ten cable cars, lifts and conveyor lifts and go all the way to the top! Did you know that the Diasbahn cable car can carry up to 1,600 passengers an hour up the mountain? Altogether, the cable cars of Kappl can transport a total of 13,000 passengers an hour. Book your tickets now and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with Kappl’s cable cars and lifts!

All the facilities of the Kappl cable cars are not only safe, but also highly efficient.

The 10 cable cars, lifts and conveyors put up some impressive technical data. The Diasbahn lift with a capacity of more than 1,600 persons per hour carries winter sports enthusiasts to the skiing area in comfort.  The Alblittkopfbahn lift goes the highest to almost 2,700 meteres. In total, the Kappl cable cars actually carry more than 13,000 people per hour.

The technical specifications of the Kappl cable cars:

Lift facility Valley station Mountain station Length Travelling time Carrying capacity
 Dias-Kabinenbahn  1.175m 1.830m


9 Min. 1.600
 4er-Sesselbahn Alblittkopfbahn 2.135m 2.640m 1.657m 8 Min. 2.200
 4er-Sesselbahn Alblittbahn 1.823m 2.300m 1.308m 7 Min. 2.200
 2er-Sesselbahn Gongallbahn 1.706m 2.306m 1.533m 12 Min. 1.400
 Mardinalift 1.825m 2.130m 1.035m 8 Min. 1.000
 Alblittlift 2.200m 2.412m 653m 4 Min. 1.320
Förderband Flaxi I mit Galerie 200m 1.810m 1.850m 200m 5 Min. 900
Förderband Flaxi II 90m 1.838m 1.850m 90m 2,5 Min. 900
Förderband Flaxi III mit Galerie 100m 1.850m 1.896m 100m 2,5 Min. 900
Förderband Flaxi IV mit Galerie 24m 1.871m 1.874m 24m 0,5 Min. 900