Fun in the snow

Freeriding in Kappl

Shred the powder
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Fun in the snow

Freeriding in Kappl

The freedom of winter

You take the chairlift up to Alblittkopf. You soar above the tempting winter sports landscape, but your destination lies beyond the groomed slopes. At the mountain station, you head to the starting point of Kappl’s freeride area. Surrounded by breathtaking vistas, you leave fresh tracks in the pristine snow – a freeskier’s dream come true!

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Freeride descents in Kappl

Tracks in pristine snow

Freeriding is a sport for adventurers, explorers and pioneers willing to leave the groomed slopes behind and enter unknown territory. Are you looking for an adrenaline kick? Are you eager to leave your tracks in the deep powder? Then freeriding in Kappl is just perfect for you. Find out about the region’s best freeride routes!

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At the mountain station of the Alblitt chairlift (2,290 m), follow ski piste no. 5 for a while until you reach the junction with black piste no. 10. Between the two ski pistes, you will find excellent terrain for freeride beginners when there is fresh snow. On the way, you cross ski slope no. 5 again and again. After approx. 350 metres in altitude at the latest, you follow the ski slope and reach the valley station of the Albllitt chairlift at 1,820 m without any problems.

  • Maximum slope gradient up to 35°
  • Difference in altitude: 350 metres
  • Requirements: easy


The Albllittkopf cable car takes you to the highest point of the Kappl ski area. At 2,640 metres above sea level, exit the mountain station and turn left into the open slopes. Ski route no. 16 borders our freeride descent on the right. After about 400 metres of descent in open terrain, this ski route takes you back to the ski area.

Attention: There is no way back to the ski area below the ski route.

  • Maximum slope gradient:
    • Short sections up to 40°
    • Mainly between 30° - 35°
  • Difference in altitude: 400 metres
  • Requirements: moderately difficult


At the mountain station of the Alblittkopfbahn cable car (2,640m), follow ski piste no. 9 through the Lattenjoch. Before the ski piste bends to the right towards the valley, you traverse to altitude. 2,540m approx. 500m to the east. From there, great slopes open up in the area of ski piste no. 9 to the right. We recommend returning to the ski piste at 2,000m at the latest. Further down, the crossing over the Rauchbach can be problematic.

Attention: Catchment area above the traverse

  • Maximum slope inclination up to 35°
  • Difference in altitude: 500 metres
  • Requirements: moderately difficult
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Prefer to watch?

Events at the freeride hotspot of Kappl

Be there!

In Kappl, freeride enthusiasts can attend thrilling spectator events.

Up at Quellspitze, at an impressive 2,800 metres above sea level, you get to watch as the pros wow the jury with their best tricks during the Open Faces Freeride Series in Kappl.

Would you like to show off your skills, too? At the Freeride Junior World Championships, freeride buffs up to the age of 18 are giving it their all.

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Safety first

Safe freeriding in Kappl

For enjoyable days in the backcountry

When it comes to freeriding, safety is key. After all, the trend sport requires you to venture away from the groomed slopes. That’s why it’s important to be well-prepared for your backcountry adventure.

  • Comprehensive information: The Freeride Checkpoint at Diasbahn cable car provides you with important information about the current backcountry situation, including avalanche warnings, snow depths, temperatures and more.
  • The right equipment: Don’t forget to bring an avalanche backpack, an avalanche transceiver, a shovel and a probe for your freeride adventure! 
  • Fully functional avalanche transceiver: Have your avalanche transceiver checked at the Checkpoint before your ride!

Our tip: Together with an experienced ski guide, you enjoy particularly safe backcountry adventures. The qualified ski instructors of the local ski schools  are happy to share the best freeride tips and tricks with you.

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