From 1970 until today – an eventful history

The history of the Bergbahnen Kappl

On May 7, 1970, the foundation stone for the “Kappl-Dias-Schiliftgesellschaft” was laid, with construction works for the cable cars starting the same year. With lots of energy and budget (1.5 billion Schilling) invested in the project, the first Dias chairlift was able to start operation on December 14, 1970. From then onwards, new lifts and cable cars opened every year and snow-making systems were first installed in the winter of 1989/90.

Today, after 50 years of operation, the ski resort boasts a total of 10 cable cars, lifts and conveyor lifts, ensuring excellent snow fun in the mountains of the Paznaun region. Every hour, the Diasbahn cable car can take a whopping 1,600 guests up to 2,960 metres.

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The early days

On 7 May 1970, 71 parties attended the founding meeting of the Kappl-Dias-Schiliftgesellschaft GmbH. 3,349,000 Austrian shillings ( 243,400 euros) were subscribed as share capital.

In addition to the municipality and the tourist association, 69 private shareholders were present, who were entered in the articles of association as founding members. Josef Wechner and Jakob Rudigier were appointed as managing directors.

On 2 July 1970 the building permit was granted by the provincial government. The Dias chairlift was built for 1.5 million Austrian shillings (109,000 euros) and the Mardinalift for 1.2 million Austrian shillings (87,200 euros). In addition, a piste machine was purchased for 500,000 Austrian shillings (36,300 euros). The planned total costs were exceeded by only 100,000 Austrian shillings (7,200 euros). The Dias chairlift was put into operation on 14 December 1970.

In the summer of 1971, the Hirschenbad and Schönebele lifts were built - both T-bar lifts were put into operation in the following winter. Between 1972 and 1975, various improvements were made to the pistes and a further piste machine was purchased.

In the winter of 1978/79, the chairlift to Alblitt and the Alblitt T-bar lift were put into operation. In the winter of 1979/80, the 2-curve T-bar lift to the 2,690 m high Alblittkopf followed.

In the 1979/80 season, the company, which had meanwhile been transformed into Wintersport Kappl GmbH & Co KG, transported more than one million winter sports enthusiasts for the first time. In the summer of 1986, the Dias chairlift was replaced by the 57 million Austrian shillings (4,142,000 euros) investment for the construction of the 4-person gondola single-cable gondola lift, and the following summer the Gongall double chairlift was built at a cost of 26 million Austrian shillings (1,880,000 euros).

In the winter of 1989/90 snow cannons were used for the first time. In the following years, the snow-making system was continuously expanded and improved.

Further milestones in the history of the cable cars in Kappl

  • Winter 2016/17:
    Expansion of the Flaxi run in the adventure park
  • Summer 2016:
    Expansion of summer gastronomy in the adventure park, expansion of the adventure park, disc golf course 
  • Winter 2015/16:
    Snowmaking system for the toboggan run, purchase of new piste equipment
  • Summer 2015:
    Expansion of the adventure park - low ropes course
  • Winter 2014/15:
    Artificial snow making and slope improvements on Lattenabfahrt Nr. 9, purchase of new snow making facilities
  • Summer 2014:
    Improvement of the food stand at Sunny Mountain Park
  • Winter 2013/14:
    Freeride Checkpoint, 3 new ski routes
  • Summer 2013:
    Renovation "Alte Diasalpe" and opening Alpine Museum, improvement of slopes leading to the valley, summer panorama camera Sunny Mountain Park, summer card "Silvretta Card all inclusive"
  • 2011/12:
    First Zibob® paradise in the world! Kappl opened the first permanent route dedicated to the Zibob®.  350 twisty metres - huge fun for all age groups. Austria’s longest covered conveyor belt takes people comfortably to the finish, or to the start.
    Panorama camera Alblitt, skibus terminal valley station Diasbahn, new conveyor belt Sunny Mountain Park
  • 2010/11:
    NEW information channel with 3 broadcasters (Live image panorama TV, Sunny Mountain TV, Kappl, Free wifi in all Sunny Mountain food establishments - SB Restaurant - Almstüberl - Panorama bar, Panorama camera Alblittkopf, Award for excellent pistes
  • Sommer 2010:
    The new Flaxi-Dorf at Silbersee has a very special natural adventure in store for all the family. In the nine wonderfully designed wooden lodges young and old alike get to learn interesting facts about the indigenous forest inhabitants.
  • 2009/2010:
    "Hirschenbad" practice lift replaced by a new 200m covered conveyor belt, Member of "Tirol Snow Card", Extension of the Sunny Mountain Restaurant to approx. 200 seats, Professional fun park in the "Alblitt" area, improvement snow-making facilities, racing track
  • Sommer 2009:
    Designed in serpentines, there is an Alpine herb and rock garden directly at Sunny Mountain Restaurant which provides summer visitors and locals alike with a special experience. The abundance provided by this natural experience, starting with the unique mountain panorama, right the way through to a fascinating kingdom of plants, with Alpine flowers and herbs, is beautiful and of interest to enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The Dias themed circuit hike is another new feature, with a variety of interesting stations, such as " Swabian children", "chapels", "fence shapes", "mountain pastures’, etc.. For our little visitors at the old Dias Alpe (about a 5 minute walk from Sunny Mountain Adventure Park) there is a petting zoo, which should provide an interesting and educational change for children.
  • 2008/2009:
    Toboggan evening, extension of the children’s area at the reservoir area, to include two new magic carpets and the ‘Flaxiabfahrt’ children’s piste, extension of the car parking area, expansion of the snow-making facilities, member of "Freizeitticket Tirol"
  • 2007/2008:
    Expansion of the snow-making facilities to the Alblittkopf (2690 m), Construction of the Alblitt pressure-boosting station, Snowboard fun park in Alblitt
  • Sommer 2007:
    Alblittbahn summer operations, Sunny Mountain Card (6 days)
  • 2005/2006:
    Piste 10 "Almstüberlabfahrt"
  • 2004/2005:
    Luxurious cuisine in "Sunny Mountain", extends its offer to provide a serviced restaurant, the "Almstüberl", and the "Panoramabar".
  • 2003/2004:
    Sunny Mountain Adventure Park, snow-making facilities, Illuminated natural toboggan run
  • 2002/2003:
    Snow-making facilities – valley ski run
  • 2001/2002:
    4-seater Alblittkopf chairlift, subway at the valley run
  • 2000/2001:
    New building design for the valley station Piste improvements to the valley run
  • 1999/2000:
    Numerous piste improvements
  • 1998/1999:
    4-seater Alblitt chairlift (leather seats)
  • 1997/1998:
    Introduction of ski area season tickets 4+2