The best hiking adventures – all trails at a glance

Hiking trails in Kappl

You’re looking for a hiking trail with that special something? Then Kappl and the marvellous Paznaun region with its impressive mountain peaks are the perfect destination for you! With its moss-green fir forests, enchanted forest trails, abundant wildlife and countless quaint chapels and shrines lining the way, the region is a paradise for hikers. If you’re in need of a little break, there are countless benches waiting for you along the way. Or how about a stop at one of the many cosy mountain huts? The friendly hosts of Kappl will welcome you with a smile, spoiling you with the most mouth-watering Tyrolean specialities.

20 hiking trails ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging are your gateway to unspoilt nature, clean mountain air and splendid panoramic views. You’re looking for a special family hiking experience? In Kappl you’re sure to find it!

You’re still not sure what trail to choose? Simply read on and be inspired!

By the way: You’re an experienced hiker and love the mountains? Our tip: Why not try the Paznaun High Trail? Nine stages, 11,000 vertical metres and 120 kilometres are only waiting to be explored by you! 

Family hikes in Kappl

You’re looking for a hiking trail for the whole family? Then Kappl is just the place for you! In addition to many short hikes for children, there are plenty of easy trails with a maximum of 400 vertical metres. Your children will love to play, romp about and discover the secrets of the woods – on your perfect hiking holiday in Kappl!

There are seven hiking trails especially for families, many of them suitable for pushchairs. Plenty of mountain huts and picnic areas keep the little ones motivated, with a delicious Kaiserschmarrn or fragrant “Kiachl” with cranberry jam waiting for them during the next break.

Short but impressive:

easy hikes in the Paznaun region

You only want to get outside a bit to clear your mind or would like to take a short walk with the children? Kappl offers plenty of short hikes with splendid views and great adventures – the perfect choice for families! There are five trails leading you through unspoilt nature and past famous chapels and blooming mountain meadows. Sounds interesting? Find out about Kappl’s short and easy hiking trails!

From easy to challenging

hiking trails for all difficulty levels

To be able to choose the right hike for you and your family, it’s important to know the difficulty levels, distances and vertical metres of every trail. Fortunately, Kappl offers the right type of trail for everyone, from easy hikes to more challenging mountain adventures:

  • Easy hiking trails: These trails boast a maximum length of 13 kilometres and no more than 400 vertical metres. Most of them are groomed footpaths that are also suitable for pushchairs. All potentially dangerous sections are secured with a handrail to prevent falls and you don’t need any special equipment apart from solid footwear. The perfect choice for a relaxed family hike in Kappl!
  • Intermediate hiking trails: Advanced hikers will enjoy the region’s many red trails. With distances of up to 25 kilometres and a maximum of 1,300 vertical metres, they are the perfect choice for passionate mountain lovers. Some sections of the trail can be steep and narrow, sometimes also exposed. You definitely shouldn’t be scared of heights if you’re thinking about tackling one of these tours! 
  • Difficult mountain trails: The region’s black trails boast an altitude difference of more than 1,300 metres. With a distance of 30 kilometres and alternating walking and climbing sections, these trails will have your thighs burning! Some of the more exposed sections require you to hold on tight or even use special equipment. Always be aware of sudden weather changes! Bad weather can be quite dangerous in high alpine terrain, so it’s important to check the weather forecast before your tour!