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Spend your family holiday in Kappl

No matter how much holiday you have – you’ll surely want to make the most of it, spending it at an amazing holiday resort. After all, family summer holidays are precious. The days, weeks and years go by, and soon the kids will be all grown up and you’ll think back to the wonderful family holidays you had. So grab your family and book your next getaway from everyday life right now. Where to? Why, to Kappl in the Paznaun region, of course!

A children’s paradise:

Sunny Mountain Adventure Park

Fun and action at 1,830 metres above sea level

All year round, Flaxi, the mountain dwarf, welcomes young visitors to Sunny Mountain Adventure Park at 1,830 metres above sea level. Simply hop on the cable car to get to the action paradise with a Flying Fox and slide tower. Also don’t miss the action-fuelled Flaxi descent!

Sunny Mountain Adventure Park offers countless possibilities – the perfect way to put big smiles on little faces and a great day trip for the whole family!

Family holiday

in Summer

Nestled between the Samnaun and Verwall mountain ranges, the picturesque mountain village offers you ultimate family happiness from end of June until end of September. For instance, the Paznaun Youth Club brings even more fun and action to your holiday – and a well-deserved time-out for the parents! And there’s much more to see and do in Kappl! 

Sounds just like what you were looking for? Find out more about the many attractions and activities for your family holiday in beautiful Tyrol!

Parents-free zone

Youth Club Paznaun

Holidays with the parents – cool for some kids, totally boring for others. However, if your family holiday takes you to Kappl, every family member will be happy. After all, Paznaun Youth Club gives kids aged 11 to 16 the chance to experience a week full of action and adventure. Action-fuelled days without the parents and family time in the afternoon – doesn’t that sound like the perfect combination? A varied weekly activity programme offers young holiday guests everything they could possibly want from a thrilling family holiday – from mountain biking to fishing at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park and from rafting to bouldering in Galtür!

Kids Club Paznaun

The littlest guests feel right at home at Paznaun Kids Club Paznaun. Children up to ten years old are lovingly supervised at the club, enjoying a varied entertainment programme while their parents can hike through the beautiful mountain world of Tyrol or simply soak up the sun.

The special thing about this mobile kindergarten is that it offers kids up to ten years a fun and varied entertainment programme at a different location every day.
Lots of fun, action and new friends make a day at the Paznaun Kids Club an unforgettable experience. Loving, professional childminders look after your children as if they were their own, allowing you to enjoy your little parent’s time-out without a care in the world. What’s more, chances are that after a day of adventures, your little ones will fall into bed at night …  
The programme at the Kids Club is full of unforgettable highlights, including the Castle Festival, Sunny Mountain Summer Party and the driving down of the cattle from the mountain pastures. 


The children’s programme is organised by the Tourism Association of Ischgl. To book a spot for your little ones, send an e-mail to or call +43 50990 100.
Lots of fun for the little ones and plenty of relaxation for the parents – your perfect holiday mixture in Kappl in the Paznaun region! 

Tips for the perfect family holiday

There’s nothing better than to spend time with your family. However, let’s be honest: Spending a whole week of 24/7 family fun often can be quite tricky. To make sure that you’ll have a relaxed and harmonious family holiday, we have compiled a few tips for you: 

  • Tip No. 1: Keep the journey as short as possible! With so many great holiday destinations close by, it’s easy to avoid long waiting times at the airport, endless traffic jams and whining kids. A central holiday destination like Kappl is easy to reach and offers you everything you need for a perfect family holiday.
  • Tip No. 2: Do your holiday planning together! For a family holiday to be successful, every family member needs to have fun. So talk to your kids, ask them what they want and try to find compromises.
  • Tip No. 3: Book your trip in time! Last-minute offers may be tempting, but you don’t want any nasty surprises on your family holiday. It’s better to book early and enjoy the wait!
  • Tip No. 4: Book a child-friendly accommodation! There’s nothing that quite puts big smiles on little faces as a hotel with children’s facilities. Child-friendly offers and apartments make sure that every family member gets to enjoy their well-deserved holiday.
  • Tip No. 5: Don’t plan too much! Enjoy the freedom of doing nothing and don’t plan every minute of your holiday in advance. Your family will love a relaxed start to the day! 

Sounds just like what you’re looking for? Kappl is a holiday destination for the entire family, offering endless holiday fun for guests of all ages. Book your family-friendly accommodation and experience unforgettable adventures in Tyrol’s Paznaun region!