A exciting circular hike

Themed circuit hiking trail

Hop on the lift and explore the themed family circular hike  through Sunny Mountain Adventure Park! In addition to impressive mountain views, the hike boasts lots of fascinating facts about the nature, culture and traditions of the Paznaun region. Several noticeboards along the one-hour hike tell you everything you need to know about the local plants and animals.

Have you ever heard the term “Schwabenkinder”? No? After the hike, you will know all about them – stay curious!

In addition, every hiker gets their copy of Flaxi’s Quiz Pass, taking them on a tricky treasure hunt through the park. If you manage to complete all quizzes, there are great prizes waiting for you at the adventure park’s restaurant. On hot days, the Silver Lake at Flaxi’s Village is a great place to take a break and a refreshing dip.

Our tip: Take a stroll through the Alpine herb and stone garden with your children and become a local plant expert!