Discgolf Parcours at the Sunny Mountain adventure park


Discgolf combines elements of golf and Frisbee. However, with discgolf, players are guaranteed course-qualification within minutes. Only a few trials will be enough to qualify for this fun game.

Discgolf is the perfect leisure activity amidst Kappl’s beautiful nature. Discgolf thrills families and sports fanatics alike.

Kappl will provide nine different courses around Sunny Mountain Lake. The Diasbahn top station marks the starting point.

Disc rental is available at Diasbahn top station. They can be returned at the Sunny Mountain Kiosk next to Sunny Mountain Lake.

The Game

  1. Consider hikers, other players, animals, plants, trees, buildings and all other facilities while playing
  2. Make sure nothing and nobody is crossing the flight path of your disc before you throw.
  3. Start with your first throw at the tee. Continue from where your disc lands until you reach the basket.
  4. The player who needed the fewest throws at the previous basket is first to throw at the next tee.
  5. After throwing off at the tee, the player whose disc is the furthest from the hole continues, even if they need a few more throws than the others.
  6. Take not of how many throws you needed to get to the basket and continue with the next course. Add all your throws after the last basket. The player with the fewest throws wins.