Cooks in Paznaun provide culinary delights on holiday Cooks in Paznaun provide culinary delights on holiday

What a treat! Food and drinks at Kappl’s restaurants

Culinary delights at the restaurants and mountain huts of Kappl

Every time the kitchen door swings open, it’s like a gateway to culinary heaven. You can hear pans sizzling, pots boiling and range hoods whirring. As the dining area fills up with the irresistible smells of delicious food, your stomach starts to rumble. You can hardly wait for the passionate chefs and pastry cooks to serve your delicious meal full of the best regional and seasonal ingredients. You’re looking for international culinary delights? Then why not head to the many pizzerias of Kappl? Crispy pizzas and plenty of gelato will turn every day into a holiday!

Come to the picturesque Paznaun Valley and sample the most mouth-watering treats of your holiday region!  

Spoilt for choice

for crispy pizza dough – Kappl’s gastronomy is full of delicious treats. Visit the village’s restaurants, mountain huts and cafés and savour the most delectable specialities of the Paznaun Valley. Browse the comprehensive culinary offers and experience the taste of a truly delicious holiday!

  • To spoil their guests with the best the local cuisine has to offer, Kappl’s hosts and chefs place great importance on regional and seasonal products. The restaurants of Kappl are known for their Tyrolean specialities served with a pinch of local identity and authenticity. No matter if you prefer local or international dishes – the chefs of Kappl have something in store for every taste!
  • “Ciao e benvenuto” at Kappl’s pizzerias! Italian delicacies like pizza or pasta will not only put big smiles on little faces. They also go perfectly with a fine glass of wine after a long day of hiking or skiing!
  • You can’t beat the mountain huts of Kappl for charm. Creaking wooden floors and plaid curtains create a snug atmosphere while friendly hosts and spectacular views top off your perfect mountain experience. After all, what could be better than taking a break at a mountain hut after a long hike or day on the slopes? Take off your helmet, loosen your boots and sip a hot Lumumba (cocoa with rum) – doesn’t that make you feel warm all over?  
  • Food tastes even better when it’s served with breathtaking views of Alpine mountains and snow-covered peaks! The mountain restaurants of Kappl are the perfect place to savour this unique experience. The splendid views will have your jaw dropping – which is just as well. After all, the next forkful of local treats is already waiting to be sampled! Take your time, enjoy the views and experience the taste of a truly delicious holiday!
  • Black Forest gateaux, Sacher cake, charlotte cake or homemade apple strudel – the display cabinets of Kappl’s cafés are bursting with sweet delights. The perfect place to take a quick afternoon break and enjoy a cup of coffee along with an irresistible piece of cake! See for yourself and taste a piece of Kappl heaven!

You would like to experience great food and heartfelt hospitality? Then what are you waiting for? Book your next holiday in Kappl and let yourself be spoiled by the local chefs!

“Genussregion” Paznaun

experience the culinary delights of Kappl

In 2008, the Paznaun region was awarded the coveted title “Genussregion” (epicurean region) that stands for high product quality and regional ingredients. “Genussregion Österreich” is a registered trademark that honours regional, agricultural products and specialities and highlights specific culinary offers in certain regions.

The Paznaun Valley is particularly known for its excellent bacon, sausage and honey creations. Why not order a savoury “Brettljause” during your next mountain hut break and sample your way through the mouth-watering local treats? 

Say cheese! Paznaun Alpine Cheese

The flagship product of the “Genussregion” Paznaun is their award-winning Alpine Cheese. It is made from valley and high pasture milk, skimmed and left to mature for six weeks. Nourished and cherished by the 13 cheese producers of the Genussregion, the Alpine Cheese also owes its savoury aroma to the fresh pasture milk and species-appropriate cattle farming. The six-week maturing process and pea-sized holes make the cheese particularly flavourful and savoury. A must for all cheese lovers!

The ABC of Tyrolean specialities

on’t miss these treats!

You’re looking for the ultimate Austrian holiday experience and don’t want to miss out on the best local treats? Then we have the perfect bucket list for you! The following Tyrolean specialities are a great way to experience the true taste of Austria. Tuck in, enjoy and feel like a real “Österreicher”!

  • Kasspatzln (Swabian-style cheese noodles): best served sprinkled with Paznaun Alpine Cheese!
  • Tiroler Speckknödel (bacon dumplings): Originally served in soup.
  • Tiroler Gröstl (roast meat and potatoes): Originally comprised of leftovers, the dish is now one of Austria’s most popular traditional dishes. 
  • Kaspressknödel (cheese dumplings): For generations, the savoury dumplings have been flattened and fried.
  • Tiroler Marend or Brettljause (assortment of cold cuts and cheeses): The Austrian afternoon snack. No matter if you order a Marend or Brettljause, you will get the same mouth-watering treats served on a wooden board.
  • Kiachl or Bauernkrapfen (famers’ donuts): A sweet seduction served with a dab of cranberry jam in the middle.
  • Schlutzkrapfen (a type of ravioli): A savoury potato filling coated in fluffy dough, served with melted butter and fresh chives.
  • Moosbeernocken (blueberry pancakes): Best enjoyed fresh from the pan and sprinkled with lots of icing sugar!
  • Strauben (funnel cake): The sweet “curls” are fried and sprinkled with sugar.

Gourmet tip: You would like to be spoiled by international star chefs and sample their innovative creations? Then you should definitely join the annual culinary hike and enjoy a truly delightful experience!

You’re interested in regional products, species-appropriate animal farming and traditional delicacies? Then sample your way through the comprehensive selection of culinary treats in Kappl and get a taste of perfect holidays!