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Culture and sightseeing in Kappl

In addition to the best hiking and skiing spots, you also want the best cultural experiences from your holiday? Nestled between the Verwall and Samnaun mountain ranges, Kappl is dotted with romantic chapels, traditional hamlets and historic buildings by local sculptor Johann Ladner. Leave your hiking poles or skis at your hotel for a change and discover the cultural gems of the 2,600-inhabitant village!

Kappl got its name from the many small, picturesque chapels. The village was first mentioned in historical documents under the Latin name of “ad capellam”. Interesting fact: The village’s coat of arms shows a black and silver chapel on a blue background. Another good reason to pay a visit to the many local chapels and churches!

Churches and chapels

a village full of sacral sights

If you spend your holiday in Kappl, you can’t help but notice the village’s many churches and chapels. Some of them are in plain view, lining the village streets, others are hidden away further upwards, peaking through the shady forest trails. The entire Paznaun Valley is dotted with chapels, with three of the most famous ones being located in Kappl. It’s no coincidence that this part of Tyrol is full of parochial sites.

Most of the chapels were built during the Baroque era, when missionaries were sent to Tyrol to sustain the locals’ devoutness. As winters in this region are known to be severe and long, small shelters were built for the missionaries to sleep, pray and rest – miniature churches, if you will.

However, the shelters weren’t just meant as accommodation for the missionaries. They were also built as a kind of “barter”: If a misfortune could be prevented, the locals showed their gratitude by building a new chapel. There are also many private family chapels in Kappl that are still lovingly decorated and cared for.

Don’t miss the three top chapels of Kappl: 

  • Kerker Chapel with its distinctive three wooden figures. 
  • Rotweg Chapel with its picturesque location amid trees.
  • Ruhestein Chapel with its 110 cm crucifix.

Kerker Chapel is one of the Paznaun region’s most famous chapels. In 1760, well-known local sculptor Johann Ladner carved the three life-sized wooden figures that came to be the characteristic feature of the chapel. The figures depict two wild soldiers taunting Christ at the whipping post. Grab your hiking poles and visit this unique chapel!
Rotweg Chapel is situated in a picturesque forest glade near the Visnitz waterfalls – a must on your hiking agenda!
Ruhestein Chapel is situated in an awe-inspiring location along the way to Dias. Its most characteristic feature is the 110-centrimeter crucifix sculpted by local artist Johann Ladner.

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traditional Tyrolean settlements

Just imagine: a blooming mountain meadow with grazing cows. You hear the resounding chime of their bells and see the clear blue sky above you, dotted with fluffy white clouds. That’s exactly what you get from a holiday in Kappl!

Enjoy the pristine nature and soak up the charm of a picture-perfect mountain idyll. About 90 quaint hamlets give the village an air of ancient tradition and rustic charm. Heartfelt hospitality, cosiness and a wide range of activities make Kappl the perfect destination for unforgettable holiday experiences.

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