DJ Ötzi live at the 8th Bergbahnen Kappl Open Air Concert

The “king of après-ski” stops by in Kappl

20 years and going strong – that’s how you could describe the career of Austria’s star musician DJ Ötzi. Believe it or not, in 2019, the “king of après-ski” celebrates his 20th stage anniversary! And we’ll celebrate with him – and all his number-one hits! 

“Anton aus Tirol”, “Hey Baby” or “Ein Stern” – there’s hardly anyone in the German speaking world and beyond who doesn’t know these songs or who can’t at least sing along to one of the choruses. To this day, “Anton aus Tirol” is the highest selling single in Austria! And if that wasn’t enough: With a total of 41 weeks in the German Single-Top-10, the song kicked Freddy Quinn’s “Die Gitarre und das Meer” off the throne after 50 years of being number one of the best-selling singles of all time. 

DJ Ötzi’s smashing hits are part of the standard repertoire at every “Hüttengaudi” (a fun get-together in a mountain hut) – and not just in Kappl. Because what would an après-ski party be without the famous singer with the white beanie? 

DJ Ötzi live in Kappl 

DJ Ötzi’s 2019 Summit Tour gives fans the opportunity to enjoy his greatest hits not just at a ski hut – but live in Kappl! At the 8th Bergbahnen Kappl Open Air Concert, the singer will have the crowds go wild – partying, dancing and cheering in front of the backdrop of a stunning mountain panorama. And he’ll bring all his famous hit songs from 20 years on stage to the summits of Tyrol. So, get ready to sing along: “Ein Steeeeern, der deinen Namen trägt …” 

You want to hit the slopes first – to really get yourself in the mood for some après-ski? Then go ahead! There’s 42 kilometres of amazing slopes at the ski resort of Kappl . Perfect to get the blood pumping before the concert already! 

DJ Ötzi live in Kappl – the most important facts: 

Celebrating way into the night with the songs of DJ Ötzi? No problem! Just book one of the many cosy accommodation options in Kappl and you can sleep in after the concert! 

You should definitely come to DJ Ötzi’s concert if … 

  • … you’ve always wanted to see the “king of après-ski” live. 
  • … you know all the lyrics to his greatest hits by heart. 
  • … you want to combine ski joy and concert fun at one of the most charming ski resorts of Tyrol.

DJ Ötzi’s songs really get you in the mood to party? Throughout the 2018/2019 winter season, there are plenty of other event highlights taking place in Kappl!