Pleasure region of Paznaun

Enjoying Tyrolean culinary specialities

'Genuss Region' - featuring Paznaun Alpine Cheese

Since 2007 the Paznaun region has been one of Austria’s ‘Genuss’ regions. ‘Paznaun Alpine Cheese’ is the showcase product, however it is not just cheese which is among the Tyrolean specialities; bacon, sausage and honey are on offer in the Paznaun region too.

‘GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH’ is a protected brand which on the one hand highlights regional agricultural produce and specialities to consumers and, on the other, also provides information about the specific culinary ranges available in individual regions.

Tyrolean gourmet cuisine

By linking food with its regional origins and production methods, the connection between cultural landscape and food production is made clear. Regional Tyrolean specialities are not just there to be enjoyed; they also provide an identity and a sense of belonging. In the Paznaun region in particular, tourism and agriculture are closely connected with one another - be it in the restaurants and mountain lodges, which make food using produce from their own farms, or in the Alpine inns, in which only home-made specialities are on the menu. Through Paznaun Alpine cheese in particular, which can be purchased in Alpine inns and in numerous grocery shops, this strong affinity with the valley is clear.

Pleasure in Paznaun

Paznaun Alpine cheese is made exclusively using raw milk from the valley and from the Alpine pastures, and it is this which makes it suitable for hard cheese. The ripe, bright yellow cheese with its pea-sized holes has a mildly aromatic, nutty taste. Cheese lovers can enjoy this exceptionally tasty cheese - this regional speciality - once it has matured after six weeks. In sampling this exquisite product from Paznaun’s Alpine pastures, guests will not just get a tranche the best cheese, they will also enjoy a bit of Tyrol’s cultural landscape.

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